Where to Park:

There is a small parking lot behind the church off High Street with wheelchair accessible parking and guest parking. There are also parking spaces on Washington Street and High Street, as well as at Stradley Park.

 The Parking Lot.

Parking on both sides of Washington Street.

Parking on both sides of High Street.

Parking at Stradley Park.

Where to enter the Building:

Front of the Building:

There are two front doors, a wooden Sanctuary door that will take you right into the Sanctuary and glass double doors in the education wing.

When entering the education wing, walk to the end of the hall. If you turn left, you are in the Fellowship Hall.  If you turn to the right and walk past the classrooms and restrooms, go through the door at the end of the hall, you will enter the Narthex. The Sanctuary will then be on your right.

From High Street:

From High Street, there is a set of double doors entering the Fellowship Hall. This is the handicap accessible entrance. Walk straight through the Fellowship Hall and down the hall, past the classrooms and restrooms, through the door into the Narthex, and the Sanctuary will be on your right.

Fellowship Hall from outside door.

Hallway from Fellowship Hall.

Hallway from Fellowship Hall.

Narthex from hallway.

From the Parking Lot:

There are several ways to go from the parking lot. Facing the building, if you go to the left follow the walkway to the side door. As you enter the door into the Narthex, the Sanctuary is on your left.

If you need the wheelchair accessible door, go to your right. At the end of the building (High Street – East end) there is a ramp to the double doors. See From High Street above.

Also to your right, on the back side of the building, is a single door to the kitchen. Walk through the kitchen into the Fellowship Hall and go left through the Fellowship Hall and down the hall. See From High Street above.


Both Men’s and Women’s bathrooms are at the end of the hallway near the Narthex, on the parking lot side of the building (opposite side of the Sanctuary).

About halfway down the hall (on the same side) in classroom #4 is a handicap accessible bathroom.

All Are Welcome


How We Dress:

We are a casual group of people who dress as we feel appropriate and comfortable.