It happened on perhaps the best day of his life so far—the day before the day Jesus would make the journey to the worst day of his life. Jesus and three of his disciples gathered on a high mountain where Jesus was transfigured right before their eyes. The voice of God spoke three thunderously piercing words into he minds and hearts of those disciples. They were as follows: LISTEN TO HIM.


Those words now come to us, the present-day disciples of Jesus. The forty days of Lent open up a journey from the top of Transfiguration Mountain to the bottom of the Valley of the Cross. These forty days provide forty steps, if you will, to lean in and listen deeply to Jesus. As we do so we find the way of the cross is the road to resurrection. Listening to  Jesus—it’s our highest calling to the lowest place where we discover our lives transformed and our worst days breaking forth into our best life.  Here are the details:


  • For your Lenten journey use the resource Listen to Him which provides a daily Scripture from Luke’s gospel, meditation, prayer, and question for application. Cost for the book is $10.00.


  • In addition, for those who are so interested, there will be a weekly life group opportunity on Tuesdays at Hope at 10:00 AM (starts March 3) and Thursdays at Faith at 7:00 PM (starts March 5). The Life Group will study and then discuss together the week’s Scriptures.  A variety of video and prayer exercises will be part of our shared experience. It is expected that participants will do the daily readings as consistently as possible in preparation for the group sessions.



Listen to Him

Forty Steps on the Road to Resurrection

Join us for the forty-day journey!

Two Possible Tracks available…


Life Groups will meet

March 3, Tuesday 10:00 am – 11:15 am @ Hope

March 5, Thursdays 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm @ Faith


Are you new to Faith or Hope UMC?  Wondering how you can use your gifts and graces while finding yourself at home here?

If you resonate with any of the following… then this gathering is just for you!

  • Just beginning to explore the Christian faith?
  • Desiring to make deeper relational connections to others here at Faith?
  • Looking to find new ways to grow your faith?
  • Ready to pursue membership here at Faith Church?
  • Looking for places to share your gifts and graces in one of our ministries?


Gathering will beginning meet Tuesdays,  March 17 @Hope 7:00pm – 8:00pm

and runs for 3-consecutive weeks.



Join Us at Faith Church

March 28, Saturday 9:00am – 10:15am

Lenten Prayer Stations with Breakthrough Prayer Walk


4th Annual Basket of Hope April 2, 6-9

This Year’s goal: 85 baskets

Our church is once again participating in this multi-denominational ministry benefitting

the CW COMMUNITY Food Pantry


the food pantry at Dayspring Community Church of the Nazarene.

This year our congregation will be collecting:

Stationary items (fun pens, pencils, paper or notepads, colored pencils or markers, stickers, etc.)


Please only donate the items listed, as each church has been assigned specific items to collect.


Contact Dawn Rice for more details


Lenten Prayer Stations/Breakthrough Prayer Walk

Saturday, March 28, 2020

9:00am – 10:30am@ Faith

Want to experience prayer, and this Lenten season, in a fresh new way?  Then I invite you to join us for a Lenten Prayer Stations and Breakthrough Prayer Walk. Four prayer stations, serving as pathways to experience God’s Presence and geared around Jesus and the disciples’  experience in the Garden of Gethsemane, will allow you to breathe deep and focus your attention on the God of mercy and grace .

The Olive Press: Much like the olive press that forced the oil out of the olives under massive stones, mercy and grace were forced from Jesus as He poured forth with His blood.  The massive, unspeakable weight Jesus took on to cover our sorrow and sin resulted in the anguish of His soul.  Can you comprehend a love so deep? Mark 14:32-36


Not My Will But Yours Be Done: Jesus was willing to drink the cup of suffering in obedience to His Heavenly Father…all to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins and sorrows.  If you have difficult decisions you need to make, then this will inspire you to seek God’s direction. Mark 14:35-36


Cry Out to God: Jesus struggled to cope with the crushing weight of what He would bear for us.  Jesus even seems to struggle with fear of what was ahead…so He prays.  Jesus prays to His Heavenly Father for help; so, can we.  We can cry out to the Lord when fear threatens to overwhelm us. Mark 14:36


Drowsy Disciples: Peter, James, and John struggled mightily to stay awake when Jesus needed them the most.  The intensity of the “world-hangs-in-the-balance” drama they were encountering simply sapped their energy…they were running on empty.  We modern disciples understand this all too well. Mark 14: 37-41

We will then conclude our time with another Breakthrough Prayer Walk for our Canal Winchester community…lifting up needs that we know and praying for the ministries of each church seeking to make a difference in the lives of the people all around us.