When we explore the Lord’s Prayer, we discover more than a rote prayer we mindlessly recite on Sunday mornings.  Instead, we discover a prayer of astonishing relevance and a most amazing picture of our life with God. Ultimately, the Lord’s Prayer reveals more about how to live than how to pray. It’s Jesus’ vision for what the kingdom of God looks like when lived out in our lives and in the church.  It’s Jesus’ vision for a vibrant spiritual life…urgently needed in a culture that is drifting away from our spiritual bearings.

September 22 “Becoming an Agent of God’s Kingdom”

“May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

You might never have grasped how relevant the Lord’s Prayer is to our life today.  We encounter a world full of brokenness and wonder what can ever be done.  It all starts right here! God’s kingdom intersects with our broken world here! When we pray “your kingdom come,” we are in essence praying for the complete restoration of all humanity and all creation to God’s rule and authority.  Come and hear about the part God wants you to play in this kingdom adventure.

September 29  “Relying on God’s Abundant Provisions”

 Give us today the food we need…”                                                                                                                                                                                         

We humans have the tendency to experience life looking through the lens of what might be called the scarcity syndrome.  We sense we have overwhelming needs with a shortage of supply to meet those needs…more bills than bank account, more demands than time, etc.  Come and discover how God seeks to show us how to more fully rely on God’s abundant provisions.